Big Data Management

We love to work with big data and to extract and validate informations. We provide reliable data for decision making and a powerful reporting engine with strong visualisation

    • Simple Integration of our engine in every existing platform
    • We use - Apache Spark - Kafka - Apache Hadoop and  R
    • We created the Information Observer, a real time analysis engine
      for big dataInformation Observer: Semi-automated data-driven system,
      Information from a wide variety of sources, e.g. open web sources such as online news. 
      Information from accessible databases such as patent offices, Obtain information,
      store it in a structured way, combine it analytically Output: Provide statements
      about the market and technologies (and other use cases) Data Retriever fetches, 
      reduces and store data, whereas Data Analyzer focuses on aggregation,
      visualization and data analytics.


# big data
# Apache Spark
# Solar
# Python
# GnuR
# Map Reducer
# Visualisation

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