Media Research & Analytics

We have implemented a number of new techniques for extracting and analysing data for the analysis of all kinds of media.
We are able to aggregate data in real time that is related to specific events or topics, and can put them into a spatial, temporal, thematic and emotional relation.
Our Natural Language Processing algorithms can immediately reflect a trend in the media landscape, for example related to people, political issues or other events.

  • We analyse how information flows across different channels, audiences and geographies.
  • We use it for themes and trend analysis
  • Sentiment analysis and sentiment maps
  • We know the opinions and thoughts of consumers on one or more specific topics, 
    This information is extremely important when launching products and brands .
  • We also generate a deep understanding of the opinions on politicians and political issues.


# natural language processing 
# sentiment analysis
# media research
# trend analysis
# marketing 
# visualisation 


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