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Our applied Quantitative Methods have their roots in:


  • Econometrics, Regression Analysis

  • Operations Research

  • Statistics and Stochastics

  • Neural Networks & AI

  • Data Science Toolset

FEATURED Development

We are using state-of-the-art technologies to deliver our projects and services

Web Applications

Modern web application
development with Angular and similar frameworks

Big Data

We are used to work with big table systems like MongoDB, Cassandra, DynamoDB

Backend Server

We use Java EE, Spring and others to realize scalable backend systems for data interfacing

Graph Databases
Graph databases like Neo4J or others bring new ways of data structuring and therefore possibilities to analytics and smart applications

Apache Kafka and others allow modern high-performance data processing for Big Data system and analytics

Dev Ops

Using GIT, Jenkins, Docker, Cloud infrastructure to realize continuous development and delivery

Beautiful Dashboards
Beautiful Dashboards

Individual Dashboards

7 August, 2021 in Beautiful Dashboards
Business (Artificial) Intelligence- BAI
Business (Artificial) Intelligence- BAI

Business Intelligence
Business Artificial Intelligence
Decision Making
Future Thinking

26 July, 2021 in Business Intelligence
Decision Making for Everyone
Decision Making for Everyone

Decision Trees
Trained Machines
Artificial Intelligence

21 June, 2021 in Decision Making
Media Research & Analytics
Media Research & Analytics

Search Bots 

Natural Language Processing

Content Analysis

19 June, 2021 in Media Research
Big Data Management
Big Data Management

Apache Spark
Apache Hadoop

19 June, 2021 in Big Data Management
Network Analysis
Network Analysis

Applications for Market Segmentation

Social Media Research

Neo4j, Gephi, R

19 June, 2021 in Network Analysis
Financial Applications
Financial Applications

Timeseries Forecasting R & Python

Econometric Calculations

Portfolio Optimisation


17 June, 2021 in Financial Applications

Implementation @ Consulting

3 April, 2020 in ERP
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